The founders, three friends, three competences, one passion


Richard Lüscher Britos is the story of three childhood friends who shared a passion for scents and traveling and who once decided to live their dream and start a new adventure. Serena, Malvin and Lukas began to wander around the world in search of special places with exceptional fragrances, their “Terroirs ”.



Malvin Richard (perfume expert) – “A Richard Lüscher Britos perfume is like a classical symphony played by an orchestra without any sound amplifiers or synthesisers: it’s pure quality and passion.


The first memory of Malvin’s life is of a perfume. His father, Jean-Claude Richard, is a perfumer, and Malvin was always immersed in a world of scents. This helped him develop amazing olfactory capacities, which he decided to enhance to a professional level through his training in Grasse, the city of perfumes. After this experience, he increasingly focussed his research on how natural fragrances differ from one place of origin to another – also a central interest of RLB.



Lukas Lüscher (art director) – “Only with the greatest care and passion can we translate the unique character of each Terroir into a unique perfume for our customers.


Ever since he was a child, he loved strolling through the Swiss woods – inspired by his father, who is a forest engineer. The different fragrance worlds of the woods awoke Lukas’ passion for natural perfumes. During his marketing training, he began to study the history and manufacturing of perfumes and the different stories of their places of origin. He also became a specialist in understanding the quality of raw materials. It was time for him to jump into the adventure of creating perfumes exclusively composed of natural ingredients, characterised by their outstanding quality and by the unique stories of their places of origin – the Terroirs.



Serena Britos (ethnobotanist) – “A Terroir represents individuality, uniqueness, culture, nature and character: it’s the ideal breeding ground of the perfect aromatic plant for our perfumes”.


Serena has two passions: plants and human nature. So she decided to combine them and to study ethnobotany. She is particularly interested in how different cultures perceive and use plants. This curiosity led her to travel to many adventurous places, from Madagascar (where she worked on her thesis research) to Uruguay, where she is currently living on an organic farm. But this is not the end of her journey... Serena continues to travel, study and talk with all sorts of people in order to grasp the complex relationships between plants and humans – one of the strengths of RLB.





Richard Lüscher Britos


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CH - 8610 Uster



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