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Accord I - Tough


High up in the steep and windy mountains of Val d'Anniviers (2000 m), where the winters are long and snowy, Swiss Pines dominate the landscape. These majestic coniferous trees, which can reach 1,000 years of age, are moulded by weather into a variety of impressive shapes. In the summer, amongst blue gentians and gurgling mountain streams, their sun-warmed needles release a wonderfully fresh and aromatic perfume.

Accord II - Mates


Despite its strength and durability, the Pine needs a partner: the Nutcracker, a raven-like bird with dark brown, white spotted feathers. Those animals are essential to the Pine’s survival. During the summer they collect thousands of pine seeds and bury them elsewhere as winter stockpile. Thus, young pine trees can grow from forgotten, sometimes inaccessible hiding places (rock outcroppings or above the tree line). The lichens that grow on the bark also protect the pine trees from diseases.


Accord III - Gentle


A thick blanket of snow covers the mountain pastures and the tree branches; marmots are hibernating, migrating birds have flown south. The remote villages of the Val d'Anniviers are silent. The evenings are spent in the parlour, where the soothing, warm, and resinous smell of pine furniture mixes with the smoky scent of the lit fireplace.

Jean-Claude Gigodot, based in Grasse (the capital of perfumery) is considered one of the most talented natural parfumeurs around. His career started in 1970 in Paris, where he had the chance to train under the guidance of perfumery legends such as Edgar de Laire and Monique Schlienger.

After an internship in New York, the young and talented parfumeur returned to Europe and started working for Givaudan in Switzerland, where he created perfumes for renowned brands.

But his heart never stopped beating for the maritime air on the green hills around Grasse, overlooking the open sea of the Côte d‘Azur. Throughout his career, Jean-Claude Gigodot has had the opportunity to create perfumes for perfume companies worldwide, which allowed him to travel all over the world. During these travels, he came in contact with exotic natural fragrances that significantly influenced his work. In 1994, the maître parfumeur decided to set up his own business and to concentrate on his passion: creating perfumes with exclusively natural ingredients.

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