44°N 03°E - France - Wild Mountain Lavender

Accord I - Intense Violet


The purple patchwork on the otherwise barren highlands of Causse Méjean (southern France) can be seen even from afar. As we move closer, we discover thousands of tufts of wild mountain lavender. The sun, wind and abrupt temperature changes are responsible for its incredibly fruity, fresh, and at the same time herbal-floral perfume.

Accord II - Mystic Wilderness


Wild sheep graze among the wild lavender in this lunar landscape – hilly, rocky and magical. A few black pines are proudly outlined against the horizon, while millions of bees pollinate the aromatic plants that escaped the sheep’s teeth. The spicy aroma of pine resin mingles with the sweetish perfume of mountain lavender and the green, fruity scent of juniper.

Accord III - Authenticity


Once the sun reaches its zenith and the wind carries the hot, marine air to Causse Méjean, it is time to stop harvesting the wild mountain lavender. The small sickles are put away, the collecting blankets are spread on the ground .The all-female pickers, shaped by life and hard work, share the latest news from the surrounding villages and philosophize about life. Homemade chestnut ice creams are passed around and offered to the passing shepherd. The chestnuts, glazed with sugar and vanilla, have a delicate and exotic flavour as they melt in your mouth.

Andy Tauer discovered perfumery about 10 years ago, and in his search of a perfect, beautiful, and exciting fragrance, he composed perfumes for himself and his friends. What started him off was natural perfumery. Fascinated with the essences of raw materials, he taught himself the craft of parfumeur.

More by chance than by design, he found the way to the market and started creating perfumes for a wider audience. He studied  chemistry and completed his academic education with a doctoral degree from ETH Zurich. His chemistry studies did not teach him much about perfumery, but later they did help him think in terms of formulas and structures. Before studying in Zurich, Andy lived in the Swiss countryside, in the small village where he was born in 1964.

The defining qualities of Andy Tauer’s perfumes are not easy to put into words: a love for detail, the joy of natural fragrances, the inspiration of Nature, the harmony of the connection between Nature and man-made compositions, and the ambition to convey olfactory images.

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