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Accord I - Costal Juwel


Ylang Ylang, also called the "flower of flowers", finds an excellent terroir in Ambanja (northern Madagascar), thanks to the region’s warm and humid equatorial climate, sandy beaches, volcanic soil, and the sandy bottom of the river Sambirano. Throughout the year, these large, greenish-yellow flowers unfold their stunning, floral, and slightly spicy aroma on the evergreen trees of the tropical rain forest. The precious essential oil obtained from these generous plants is a true extract of joy of life and sensuality.

Accord II - Biodiversity Hotspot


Madagascar is known for its incredible biodiversity. Because of the island’s long geographical isolation, its plants and animals are unique. But Madagascar is also a melting pot of cultures, some of which imported new plants. Thus, the oriental bouquet of the Ambanja forests, dominated by ylang ylang flowers and the peppery pods of pink peppercorn, is perfectly rounded by the delicate, bitter and fruity-fresh mandarin note.

Accord III - Natural Richness


Near the modest houses of the small Ambanja farmers, we discover a patchwork of plants: some are destined for personal use and the local market, while other crops, such as cocoa, vanilla, and vetiver, are meant for export. Such diversity ensures the ecosystem’s stability and a better income for the farmers. The whole area is enveloped by the fragrance of the open-air fermentation of vanilla pods, the balsamic aroma of vetiver distillation and the nutty gourmet note of roasted corn.


Vero Kern


Fragrances have always shaped Vero Kern’s memories since her early childhool. Thus, this parfumeuse born in Winterthur in 1940 can remember very precisely the smell of her primary school: the peculiar, dry, and somewhat dusty smell of wooden pencils and wet slates, and the smell of polish on wooden floors.


Through her training as an assistant pharmacist, Vero Kern came quite early in contact with aromas and fragrances. These experiences were further developed during her 10-year long pharmaceutical activity.


In 1994, after a long collaboration with Swissair, at the age of 54 Vero Kern decided to become an independent masseuse and aromatologist.


A part-time, two-year training in aromatology gave her a solid background in the professional use of natural essential oils and absolutes. Vero Kern soon started creating blends for a private clientele.

Since 1998, Vero Kern developed her skills through a variety of trainings, seminars, and courses in a Perfumery School in Paris. Monique Schlienger, the school’s director and founder, back in the 1960s was the pupil of Jean Carl, one of the greatest parfumeurs of the last century.

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