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Accord I - Floral Purity


No one forgets the first time they smell the powdery-warm, sweetish scent of a gardenia. These flowers love heat and humidity, and found their perfect terroir in the hills of Fusagasuga, where the cold air of the Andean plateau meets the warm air rising from the rain forests.

Accord II - Tropical Garden


In crisis-torn Colombia blooms a unique explosion of colours and scents – a Paradise Garden. Among various shades of green, tropical flowers adopt every imaginable colour and shapes. Orchids, roses, lilies, and hyacinths create a unique floral bouquet of honey-sweet, vanilla-like and fresh leaves aromas.

Accord III - Dancing in Colombia


Botero devoted one of his paintings, “Dancing in Colombia”, to the lively Colombian coffee houses, with their spirited music, passionate dancers, and the sweet, fruity aroma of coffee.

Jean-Claude Richard


It started as pure fascination, then it became a profession.


Jean-Claude Richard is still haunted by the perfumes of the cultures and landscapes he discovered in the course of his travels. Since then, what had started as a passion for simple combinations of fragrances in the quiet of perfume chambers has evolved into a profession. In 1982, he founded with three friends from school his own cosmetics and perfume company, where he dedicates himself with great passion to the creation of perfumes. In addition to his day-today familiarity with natural materials, he developed his competences by training under the guidance of Valerie Worwood and Shirley Price. He later followed a 3-year training as aromatologist and osmologist.

Jean-Claude Richard has been distilling natural fragrances into sumptuous perfumes for over 30 years. He created countless masterpieces of perfumery for his own company and for renowned luxury hotels, always following the motto “perfumes are pure magic”.


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